S1 Kelas Internasional


I nternational Class Program is an undergraduate program held by the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia in conjunction with the School of Psychology, Faculty of Social Behavioral Science, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

The total duration of the program is 4 years, during which the students will spend 2 years at UI (the first, second, third, and eight semesters) and 2 years at UQ (the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh semesters). Students who have completed all courses and requirements will graduate with  a Bachelor of Art (BA) in Psychology from the University of Queensland and a Sarjana Psikologi (S.Psi) degree from Universitas Indonesia.

Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia

The Faculty of Psychology at Universitas Indonesia is the oldest Faculty of Psychology in Indonesia. Most of the teaching staff are postgraduates from national and international institutions. The Faculty of Psychology offers an undergraduate programme (Degree: S.Psi), and postgraduate programmes (Degrees: Psychologist, M.Psi., M.Si., and Dr.)


Classrooms with state of the art facilities, online libraries, computer laboratories, Academic Support Unit, observation & interview laboratory, hot spot, free internet and internet hotspot, mosque, canteen, banks and ATMs,  Student Counseling Service, sports facilities, child care, bookstore, and convenience store.

School of Psychology, The University of Queensland

Founded in 1910 as the first university in Queensland, in 2007, UQ was ranked 33rd in the world’s University ranking compiled by the Times Higher Education Supplement. The University is one of the only three Australian members of Universitas 21 which is a select international network of comprehensive research intensive universities.

UQ remains the most successful Australian University in winning the national teaching award in Australia. The university has more than 2200 highly qualified academic staff dedicated to teaching and research. The school of Psychology is located near the river of St. Lucia, 6 kilometers from Brisbane city centre, with an area of 114 hectare. Brisbane has 4 seasons but the climate is similar to Indonesia. With more than 50 courses offered for undergraduates along with internationally acclaimed teaching staffs, The School of Psychology at UQ is one of the most prestigious institution in Australia.


UQ Library has one of the largest collections amongst academic libraries in Australia and by far the largest in Queensland, including:

  • Over 2.5 million volumes
  • 9,963 print journals and 51,288 electronic journals
  • 976 networked databases to guide you to journal content
  • Multiple copies of textbooks held, including copies in High Use Collections for quick access
  • 399,083 electronic books
  • 34,458 videos
  • Comprehensive quick reference collection
  • Extensive manuscript, microform and pictorial collections,

Other facilities are hot swimming pool, tennis and squash court, gymnasium, bank, academic assistance, bookshop, computer facilities including laptop and wireless network, computer training courses for student, health services, international student support, and student dormitories.


Some of the courses taken at UI and UQ:

Introduction to Psychology, Social Psychology, Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Philosophy, Research Methods and Statistics, Cross Cultural Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Individual, Culture and Society, Methods of Psychological Scale Construction, Theories of Personality, Self-Development  Training, EthicsChild Development, Neuropsychology, Learning & Cognition, Social & Organizational Psychology, Psychopathology, Comparative Psychotherapies, and Principles of Psychological Assessment.

Graduated as BA in Psychology at the end of 8th semester.

Graduated as Sarjana Psikologi after return to Indonesia

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